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BVMS Fire Consultants is located in Durban, South Africa. The company was formed by Steve Pillay. The increase demand for fire consulting services was due to the requirement of SANS 10400:2011 resulted in market growth in the sector which required specialised fire safety solutions. Although the company is rather new, the experience that Steve has in the fire engineering field is vast.

Our services include rational fire designs for thatch roof gazebos to complicated fire designs for buildings and other projects. We offer fire solutions from inception to final completion and handover.

We provide fire design solutions for domestic residences, industry and commerce. We also provide training in fire risk assessments, inspection, testing and maintenance of all fire protection systems.



Our vision is to ensure that we maintain the excellent relationship we have with our clients and to ensure our clients receive value for money based on sound engineering principles and value engineering.


We will strive to constantly improve our efficiency and provide service levels so that we continue to build sound relationships with our partners in the construction industry. Our business growth must be based on client satisfaction.


Our business is based on honesty and integrity and
we will always strive to ensure that these principles
are maintained in all aspects of business.


Our goals are to ensure that our clients are satisfied
with the service that we provide and to ensure that
their interests are safeguarded.


The company is currently arranging for disadvantaged persons to undertake in-service training in order to gain hands on experience in fire engineering designs and methodology.

BVMS Fire Consultants is currently rated level 4 BEE.

Steve Pillay - Director of BVMS Fire Consultants
The management and staff of the company have a great deal of experience on projects ranging from airports to high risk tank farms. We offer all aspects of fire safety from design, maintenance management, training, evacuation and fire investigations. The fire safety service offered by BVMS Fire Consultants provides the advantage over our competitors. This enables us to provide our clients with a one stop fire safety service from inception to maintenance management.