Welcome to BVMS Official Website
BVMS Fire Consultants (Pty) Ltd offer the following services to its clients:

* Rational Fire Designs
* Fire and evacuation plans
* Fire protection systems designs
* Fire risk assessments
* Fire safety training
* Management function relating to maintenance of fire protection systems
* Managing and organizing evacuation drills
* Fire Investigation

The fire protection systems designs include the following:

* Sprinkler systems
* Deluge systems
* Water mist systems
* Fire pump systems
* Fire hydrant system reticulation
* Smoke ventilation systems
* Automated foam systems
* Fire alarm and detection systems
* Structural fire protection systems
* Fire signage
* Automatic voice evacuation systems
* Fuel tank farm fire protection systems
* Gas detection systems

Fire investigations are conducted for the following:

* Building and structure fires
* Vehicle fires
* Aircraft, train and ship fires